The Monkey House
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The Monkey House

Brimming with dazzling performances and ’80s nostalgia, and boasting 11 Israeli Academy Award nominations, writer-director Avi Nesher’s literary-psychological caper is inspired by a true story.

In this witty, twisty Israeli dramedy, a fading left-wing novelist devises a clever scheme to revive his career and love life, kindling self-discovery and unexpected connections. Once a literary sensation, embittered writer Amitai (leading Israeli standup comic Adir Miller) seeks to reclaim his glory with the help of an enigmatic young actress (Suzanna Papian). When a Palestinian filmmaker gets entangled in their web of passion, deceit, and betrayal, the action descends on the novelist’s kibbutz that sits on contested land, leading to an inevitable showdown where truth becomes a casualty.

Movie Runtime: 128 minutes
Director: Avi Nesher
Language: Hebrew, Italian, with English subtitles
Country/Year: Israel 2023
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Sold out!
About the Film

“The Monkey House” – Director’s Statement

Psychologist Ernest Becker writes in his Seminal “The Denial of Death” that “Human civilization is ultimately an elaborate, symbolic mechanism against the knowledge of our mortality”.

In this regard, it is clear that we all have a strong desire to have our life count and have some sort of meaning. The thought that we all are merely a speck of dust that is here today and gone tomorrow is simply unacceptable to us, and therefore we each strive to have our mark.

Those of us who dabble in the creative arts would seem to have a slight advantage in this regard. A successful novel, play, poem, painting, symphony, is immediately linked to its creator and thus can easily make immortality accessible.

The catch, of course, is the word “successful”. To quote the old Chinese proverb: If a tree fell in the forest and no one heard it fall, has it really fallen? In order to make a mark – to achieve immortality – some degree of success must be achieved. But success tends to pass swiftly, unless some extraordinary gesture or event plants it in the collective memory forever.

***** (5 stars)

“Very funny, moving and thought provoking.”

-Hannah Brown, The Jerusalem Post


***** (5 stars)

“Avi Nesher’s greatest film.”

-Yoav Ginai, Galei Zahal


***** (5 stars)

“An unforgettable masterpiece.”

-Shirel Dealer, Makor Rishon


***** (5 stars)

“Very wise and sensitive.”

-Zion Nanos, Channel 12 News

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